Reconstructing her Practice


When I moved to Melbourne in 1996 one of the first things I attended was the launch of a new book ‘The Architect: Reconstructing her Practice’ edited by Francesca Hughes.  It was a lunchtime launch at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre.  I can’t remember who was there but I suspect it was a  number of people (predominately women) who would come to teach me, inspire me, befriend me and encourage me over the 17 years that have passed since. 

This was a defining moment for me as a student of architecture but it is only now that for the first time in my career, I am seriously reconstructing my practice.

How this manifests itself constantly delights and suprises me. 

PS When I named this blog I mistakenly had ‘redefining her practice’ in my head but it should have been ‘reconstructing her practice’! So the blog should be ‘reconstructarchipractice’.  Much more clever.  Oh well. 


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