Will work for shoes

Practice Management question of the day:
‘Would you work for free or what is your price’?

As I flashed my new shoes around (part payment for a shoe shop I designed) we discussed what we would work for.


(nice huh?)

I really wanted to encourage an open dialogue among the students about what they would charge for student commissions, or even whether they would do them.  Having had no idea about this when first approached by an acquaintance of a friend (or relative, or just a relative, all right is was a car port for my mum and dad that never got built) I thought how much I would have appreciated some guidance and peer support at the time.

Most students were actually hesitant about doing their own commissions wanting to gain experience in a practice first.

However, when it came to payment were they to accept a commission, nearly all of them thought they should be paid for their efforts.  Their price ranged from $25-$40/hour.  In the end we thought perhaps a lump sum was a better way to frame fees when starting out.  This way you can invest as much time as you need / want to do the best you can.  Whether it takes you 50 or 200 hours is your choice.

Either way, a good starting point in is to be paid what you feel comfortable asking for. It might sound dumb, but if you can’t be confident asking to be paid then chances are you won’t be.

When in doubt think about what you earn as a waitress and charge at least that.

(What surprised me is they are earning the same in hospitality now as I did 15 years ago! Pity everything else has tripled in price.)


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