Graduating from RMIT in 1999, I also studied at the University of Sydney and Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where I researched a thesis on the nature of open spaces (public vs private vs blurry)  in public housing.  I was awarded First class honours and the University Medal from the University of Sydney.

My professional commitment is to sustainability, being an active part of creating an inclusive built environment and advocating for a greater understanding and appreciation of our cities and buildings.

I do not believe you can promote a smaller more sustainable way of life without living it. There is no car in the Freeman household – the whole family rides bikes with the twin toddlers in tow.  My family of 5 also choses to live in a 2 bedroom inner city apartment, surrounded by parks and closely tied to and involved in our community.

I have been involved in teaching at a tertiary level since 2000 at RMIT, the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University.  My teaching experience includes design studio (architecture, landscape architecture and interior design), professional practice, construction technology and sustainable technology.

I was a founding director of MAKE architecture studio in 2006 and a partner in SaSh Design since 2005.  I am currently enjoying a diverse mode of practice that includes ‘traditional’ architecture (ie designing and watching buildings get built), a design + construct relationship with a builder, speculative + pro bono projects (ie ones that don’t pay), teaching and as an architectural tour guide with Melbourne Architours.  I’m pretty much up for anything…


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