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Clients and where to find them

For a while now, I have been meaning to do a post on projects in progress

and I will,

when I come up for air.

But none of these PiPs (projects in progress) would be possible if there weren’t clients.

So where do they come from?

Last week I was at Officeworks printing some drawings for a current project and started chatting with the woman at the counter next to me.

‘Ohhhh, that’s a big block’, she said, glancing over, ‘where is that?’

Within 30 seconds we had established that she was looking to buy a block of land in the Dandenongs, that I was an architect, and that maybe fate had brought us together.  Maybe it had…

But while I’m waiting, let’s look at the origins of my clients this year:

  1. W+E Shoe Gallery (see earlier post) – partner delivered the mail to her old shop
  2. Living Cubed – referral from old business partner
  3. Inside Henry – friend of a friend
  4. Hornby of Plenty – friend of a friend (Same friend as 3. She has lots of friends)
  5. Cranked Macedon – contact via Architours Andy
  6. Thornbury Three – contact via Architours Esther
  7. Blazey of Glory (BoG) – follow on from 6.

So the moral of this short tale:

Smile and talk to the person next to you

>>>do this anyway<<<

Opportunities are all around you

If you are not out there you may not see them.


Social media or how twitter helped me start redefining my practice

I met my partner and father of my 3 children in the old-fashioned way – at a nightclub…

So when I sent @social_archi at DM on twitter asking if she wanted to meet for a coffee I was out of my comfort zone.  Up until then all my networks were ones I had met in person – through chance, my own contacts or contacts of contacts.

I was not a doubting gen x,  I just did not see the benefit in tweeting about the mundanities of everyday life… Clearly I did not yet understand how powerful a networking tool the various social medium could be.

I had been following @social_archi and @architours_melb for a while and really loved what they were doing.  Their enthusiasm,  love of our city and desire to share their knowledge about architecture, landscape and urban design with the public really resonated with me at a time I was wanting to do more than just make buildings.

After an awkward ‘first date’, @social_archi and I met again and following that she asked me to join the team.  Melbourne Architours is now one the ways I practice architecture.  I love the research, the conversation / discussion and how being ‘out there’ means I am meeting all kinds of people.

The moral of this story is – you never know where meaningful connections are made.

How has social media worked for you as a professional?


Check out www.architours.com.au  to see what we do – (the upcoming National Trust heritage festival tour should be a beauty).  Or follow @architours_melb on Twitter.

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