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Moral Rights PART II

The purpose of the previous post was not to say ‘Oh well, missed out this time around, I’ve learned my lesson, next time I’ll make sure I talk to my client about moral rights, it won’t happen again’.

While I was composing the post I was also in contact with my client and Alice Blackwood, the writer of the article.

To Alice it began with a tweet reply to a photo she had posted of the space:

@aliceblackwood bit slow on the pick up but unhappy not to be credited for my design work here ūüė¶

A bit lame in retrospect, but I was treading cautiously and nervously – unsure how best to approach her, unsure about whether I was over-reacting or not.

However once it was put out there my concerns were almost immediately addressed by Alice.

We ended the day of back and forth messages and emails with a phone call discussing issues of attribution and how this is particular rife in the more fickle retail design sector, how we could explore the topic in more detail in a further article, online vs print publication and when we could meet for a coffee to talk about all of this and my work as well.

Oh and with regard to the article, it was an oversight that can easily be amended.

It’s funny, I have spoken with many architect friends about this. They often have their own story to tell, how they were pissed off but didn’t do anything about it.¬† Or they retell the story of someone they know and how they can’t believe it happened.¬† Or they just complain about us being ‘too polite’ not ‘fierce’ enough as individuals and as a profession.

It could also be that not being credited makes us feel like we have failed, and no one wants to talk about that, right?

Moral of the story of Moral Rights:
Question the omission Рit is more than likely an oversight or error.  The beauty of on-line content is that it can be easily fixed.
And remember to have that conversation with your client!

Share your story and/or follow up on that incident that’s been eating away at you and let me know how you go.


Social media or how twitter helped me start redefining my practice

I met my partner and father of my 3 children in the¬†old-fashioned way – at a nightclub…

So when I sent @social_archi at DM on twitter asking if she wanted to meet for a coffee I was out of my comfort zone.  Up until then all my networks were ones I had met in person Рthrough chance, my own contacts or contacts of contacts.

I was not a doubting gen x, ¬†I just did not see the benefit in tweeting about the mundanities of everyday life…¬†Clearly I did not yet understand how powerful a networking tool the various social medium could be.

I had been following @social_archi and @architours_melb for a while and really loved what they were doing.  Their enthusiasm,  love of our city and desire to share their knowledge about architecture, landscape and urban design with the public really resonated with me at a time I was wanting to do more than just make buildings.

After an awkward ‘first date’,¬†@social_archi and I¬†met again and following that she asked me to join the team.¬† Melbourne Architours is now¬†one the ways I practice architecture.¬† I love the research, the conversation / discussion¬†and how being ‘out there’ means I am meeting all¬†kinds of people.

The moral of this story is Рyou never know where meaningful connections are made.

How has social media worked for you as a professional?


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